Columns by Michael Fitzcharles
The Greatness of God
A faith as precious as ours   5/4/13
by Michael Fitzcharles
"God does not play dice"   7/27/09
Hope in the Kingdom of God   6/11/09
What will Jesus say?   1/11/09
Pure and holy   11/8/08
Should we be concerned
about global warming?   7/2/08
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How old is the earth?   11/21/07
The Greatness of God
The great banquet   10/14/07
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The moral high ground    9/12/07
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The truth of the Bible    8/29/07
The second coming of Jesus    8/12/07
Should Christians get involved in politics?    7/25/07
The meaning of life    7/18/07
Reward in heaven    7/4/07
Why evolution is false    6/24/07